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2018 USA Hockey Officiating High Performance Camp



OBJECTIVES - To continue to advance the educational process of the amateur official who has successfully proven his proficiency and application of the fundamentals of ice hockey officiating as presented at the Futures Camp level.  To review and refine the lessons learned at the Futures Camp as the participants attempt to advance to the higher levels of hockey.  This camp is focused on the advance techniques that officials must master to effectively manage hockey games at the highest levels, but in doing so re-emphasizing the need to master the fundamentals of officiating.  Additional supporting areas of instruction will include power skating. nutrition, physical conditioning and mental preparedness

CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT - Educational in nature, with acknowledgement of a competitive component, with an emphasis on skill development and providing officiating resources needed to successfully officiate higher levels of hockey.  Games taking place will consist of the top16 year old players in the country.

PARTICIPANTS - All participants must be USA Hockey members who are between 20 - 30 years old and it is preferred that they had previously attended a Futures Camp.  They should have some experience at the Tier III Junior Level and/or the NAPHL or USA Hockey National Tournaments.  18-24 Participants will be selected to the High Performance Camp.

APPLICATION - Applications MUST be submitted through


Applications submitted after this date will not be accepted.

SELECTION PROCESS - Applications will be reviewed and participants selected by the USA Hockey Officiating Program Staff with input from the USA Hockey Referee-in-Chief, District Referees-in-Chief, Instructors and Local Supervisors of Officials.  Participants will be selected on the basis of their hockey officiating ability, personal character, conduct, contribution to the hockey community, school record and ambitions.

COSTS - A $90.00 Administrative Fee, per participant, will be billed to each participant upon acceptance.  This fee will be due in the office prior to final confirmation.  The fee is non-refundable to all selected participants.  All transportation to the camp site is to be supplied and paid for by the participant. USA Hockey will supply and pay for room, board, and instructor fees.

INSTRUCTORS - Instructors will be selected from the top American officials who are currently working in the National Hockey League, American Hockey League, ECHL, NCAA Division I and IIHF World Championships.  Other top instructors within the USA Hockey Officiating Education Program, including District Referees-in-Chief and Local Supervisors of Officials will also be considered.

CIRICULUM - Lecture, Power-point presentations, discussion groups, pop quizzes and rules exams.  On-ice sessions focus on USA Hockey Officiating Program approved game positioning, power skating and overall on-ice officiating techniques and procedures, as well as, advanced techniques and procedures used at the higher levels of hockey.


Please direct questions to:

BJ Ringrose

Coordinator, USA Hockey Officiating Education Program